The Avril Lavigne Foundation to Pause

Thank you to all of my fans who have supported the Avril Lavigne Foundation during the last five years. Together we have touched the lives of so many children and young people with disabilities. Our work has allowed Special Olympics athletes from across the world to compete at the World Games, brought music therapy to children with serious illnesses in hospitals, provided Lyme disease treatment to kids who could not afford care, and helped youth with disabilities attend summer camp where they formed lifelong, supportive friendships. The Avril Lavigne Foundation is important to us all and a daily part of our lives – bringing Special Olympics athletes to my concert performances was a highlight of my tour! It is at this time that I am announcing that the Avril Lavigne Foundation will be pausing for the moment. This doesn’t mean that we should stop doing whatever we can to help others. I remain dedicated and will personally keep giving to groups bringing life-changing services to young people during the Foundation’s pause. I hope that all of my fans and the Foundation’s supporters know that every day is an opportunity help someone or educate a friend about an important issue. Each action we take, large or small, is helping to change a life. That’s the spirit that inspired me to start the Foundation and that I carry with me each day. Thank you to all of the nonprofits that have partnered with the Foundation to create and execute incredible programs – together we can dream bigger, do more, and bring hope to young people across the world. I’m excited to see what we will achieve when the Foundation returns! Xo, Avril