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Announcing New Rock Star Clubs!

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! I had so much fun working with all of you last year to raise awareness and funds for the Avril Lavigne Foundation. Together we have made tons of kids feel like Rockstars. It really feels like we are a team, and I’m excited for the upcoming year!

Today we are proud to announce that we are expanding the Avril Lavigne Rockstar Club to ten more U.S. and Canadian cities. Thanks to your support, the Avril Lavigne Foundation has chosen ten totally unique and fun recreation programs that really represent our R.O.C.K.S. mission: to provide Respect, Opportunities, Choices, Knowledge and Strength in support of children and youth living with serious illnesses or disabilities.

A little bit about each of the ten clubs is listed below, look out for more fun updates about them this year on the Avril Lavigne Foundation website, Facebook and twitter. To learn more, check out our press release. I’m really looking forward to seeing the kids love these great programs and hope you are too!


Southern California: Scholarships for Camp Oakes and a music program/talent show which will be named “The Avril Lavigne Rockstar Talent Show.”

Greater Houston in Texas: Scholarships for summer campers and a program that will bring local musicians and artists to camp to teach lessons.

South Florida: Rockstar chefs-in-training camp to teach kids both with and without disabilities cooking skills, culminating in a cook-off challenge. 

Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain (Montana) : Social skills classes for kids with disabilities, parent education classes for parents of infants with disabilities, a horse-therapy program, and sibling workshops.

DuPage & the Fox Valley Region (Illinois): Dance therapy program for children with physical disabilities.

Hawaii: The only program for kids with disabilities on the island of Oahu, will support youth groups for girls and boys, as well as weekend day camps for families of kids with disabilities.

Nevada: Recreation program for teens and young adults with disabilities will include field trips and events in the local area including bowling, karate and music lessons and sports.

Washington: Multi-sensory learning center at Camp Stand By Me to provide a space for kids to learn and experience different senses.

Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana Counties (Ohio): Continue to support program that recruits teens without disabilities from local high schools to join the Rockstar Club and participate in activities and field trips with kids with disabilities.

Alberta, Canada: Adaptive bikes program with bikes that can be modified to be ridden by kids with disabilities at Camp Horizons.