Perguntas e respostas com Avril Lavigne da Abbey Dawn

Question #1 From: Sarah-Jayne Dixon/ Amelia-Rose Sydenham / Becky Costigan
Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I love shopping in Japan! They are always doing everything first in fashion and wear clothing without reservations but I also love everyday essentials. I like to mix and match but you have to have that great hoodie or a kickass pair of heels to complete the look.

Question #2 From: Daisy Haining
What’s your favourite casual / day look?

Right now its my Pin Skull and lace raglan with a dope pair of tights. I always have a hoodie with me and heels – just in case!

Question #3 From: Eleanor Bandey
What is your favourite outfit that you have ever worn?

Ever?? There are so many to choose from….If I had to choose one that came to mind right now it would be the Champagne room dress that I wore to the Teen Choice awards. That dress rocks!

Question #4 From: SophieDobby Crump
Would you say your style has changed from when you first began singing?

I wouldn’t say that it has changed so much as it has evolved. I wouldn’t take back any of the outfits that I wore when I first started. Now I will wear dresses and heels but still have my staple converse!

Question #5 From: Sarah Saunders
What is your favourite piece from the Abbey Dawn collection?

I love everything Abbey Dawn! All of these pieces I pour my heart and soul into and totally can’t pick just one! What is your favourite??

Question #6 From: Tameka Paul
What do you like best about making music and what’s the fun bit about it?

Making music for me is the ultimate form of self-expression. I write about things that are close to me. Whether it be me or people I know who have gone through stuff or just a fun idea. I always hope that people can relate to my music and take some sort of message from it. I enjoy writing and performing and being able to see all my fans!

Question #7 From: Lauren Kristen Tulisa Charalambous
Where do you buy your clothes from?

I wear a lot of Abbey Dawn! And if it’s not Abbey Dawn it could be from anywhere!!

Question #8 From: Kailey Lavigne Mcandie
You’re such an inspiration to loads of people you show them how to live their dream such a caring person as well i wanna know what got you into fashion in the first place?

I always wanted a clothing line. I wanted to create pieces that I wanted to wear and that I couldn’t find in any store. I had a vision for Abbey Dawn and just went for it.

Question #9 From: Elizabeth Jayne Bailey
Do any of the items have a particular meaning to you?

I mean… they are all special to me because they are my creation but I don’t think there is one piece that holds a particular meaning. Maybe, like, my very first hoodie that I made – I still have it!

Question #10 From: Anna Lavigne Court
Why did your dad call you Abbey Dawn when you were a kid?

My Dad used to work on a street called Abbey Dawn a lot when I was growing up and he just started calling me Abbey Dawn. Then all my friends started calling me Abbey and the name just stuck!


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